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5020  Dining table (extensible)

Table top in ceramic on glass, base in lacquered aluminium.

W. 200(280) x H. 75 x D. 100 cm (also D. 110cm)

Other dimesnions

W. 160(220) x H. 75 x D. 100 cm

W. 180(260) x H. 75 x D. 100 cm (also D. 110cm)

W. 220(300) x H. 75 x D. 100 cm (also D. 110cm)

W. 125(165) x H. 75 x D. 125 cm

W. 140(190) x H. 75 x D. 140 cm

Consult us for other dimensions.

​Exists in fixed version.


Table top  in ceramic on glass, different colours and designs available.

Base in lacquered aluminium.

Our furniture is manufactured in Europe and more specifically in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal, respecting European production and quality standards that are not always respected by so-called "distant" countries.

In addition to quality reasons, we favor European production in order to reduce the "carbon impact".


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